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All of our engineers have extensive experience in electrical contracting and control panel manufacture. Whether your project requires manufacturing of electrical control panels to customer supplied drawings or a complete electrical design and manufacturing service, we can offer a solution that is tailor made specifically to your requirements.

Electrical Installation

Our electrical Installation expertise ranges from areas of containment for small power and low voltage plant items to larger installations. All our electrical designs are carried out at our Hamriyah Factory by a team of highly skilled and experienced engineers, who maintain a professional approach to all customer driven requirements of budget and time constraints.


Design of Electrical & Control Panels.
Wiring of Electrical & Control Panels.
Testing, Installation & Commissioning of Electrical & Control Panels.
Own Account and Third-Party Production.


Design of Electrical & Control Panels
Testing, Installation & Commissioning of Electrical & Control Panels
PLC Program Development
Sales of Electrical Products such as Cables, Cable Trays, Glands and Accessories.

Motor Control Centre (MCC)

KGN offers technical solutions in the field of medium and low voltage Motor Control Centres.

A Motor Control Centre (MCC) is an assembly of one or more enclosed sections having a common power bus and principally containing motor control units.

The products may be fixed or extractable systems of various designs, to satisfy the functional and installation requirements of the client, in full compliance with international norms and standards.

Our MCCs offer an enormous amount of application flexibility while adhering to the most stringent industry standards.
KGN can also offer VFD and Soft starter systems to increase machine performance and meet recent needs for energy savings as required by international agreements.

Motor Control Centre
Type: Form IV of separation, IP42
Short circuit rating: Type tested for 50 kA short circuit
Available in fully withdrawable, semi-draw out type & Fixed.

Motor Control Panel
Type: Form 2 b
IP rating: IP 54 to IP 65
Starters: DOL, SD, Soft Starter & VFD (Danfoss)
Short Circuit rating: as per client request.
Enclosure: Sheath Metal, GRP & Stainless Steel.

Unit Control Panel (UCP)

KGN offers solutions for the supply of Unit Control Panels based upon world leading PLC brands. The PLC systems offered can feature single and CPU redundant configurations, communication cards, I/O and power supply.
All systems are designed and programmed by our engineering department and installed by the production department, carefully following international standards and the requests of the client.
The Unit Control Panels are designed to increase the operator control through the Human Machine Interface (HMI) device.
Before delivery, all systems produced by KGN are fully tested and following demanding Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) procedures, as previously agreed with the client and the end user.

Unit Control Panel
Type: PLC controlled
IP rating: IP 54 to IP 65
PLC: Siemens, Schneider, AB
Explosion proof: Exd, Exp
Enclosure: Sheath Metal, GRP & Stainless Steel.

Field Electrical Equipment

Thanks to its technical expertise and constant training, KGN is able to meet the needs of the client for the electrical set-up of a machine or system using state-of-the-art technology.
Installations are carried out based upon international standards, following sector norms and client specifications.
Our offer ranges from the supply of the basic electrical equipment, to ATEX certificate solutions for hazardous environments with risk of explosion.
A typical installation comprises a junction box, Local Pushbutton, Instrument Rack and Gauge Panel, as well as instrument cabling with specific cables or personalized conduit solutions. 

Local Push Button Station
Type: With & without Ammeter
IP rating: IP 54 to IP 65
Indication & Pushbutton: as per client request
Explosion proof: Exd, Exp
Enclosure: Sheath Metal, GRP & Stainless Steel

Starter Panel
Type: Form 2 b
IP rating: IP 54 to IP 65
Starters: DOL, SD, Soft Starter & VFD (Danfoss)
Short Circuit rating: as per client request.
Explosion proof: Exd, Exp
Enclosure: Sheath Metal, GRP & Stainless Steel

Junction Boxes
Type: Analogue, Digital
IP rating: available in all ranges
Explosion proof: Exd, Exe, Exp
Enclosure: Sheath Metal, Aluminium, GRP & Stainless Steel

PLC Programming


Programmable controllers are at the core of process control.
KGN has been successfully implementing programmable controllers since our company’s founding. In fact, we are a leader in the process-control industry, recognized as an authorized System Integrator (SI) by all major industrial programmable controller manufacturers.
KGN‘s success and recognition as a programmable controller system integrator can be attributed to our years of experience and our proven project methodology that includes:
1) Documenting programs with instruction comments, tag descriptors, rung comments and annotated program files
2) Utilizing standard template methodology that includes repeated functions such as motor control, valve control and analog input control.

3) We have developed templates that include:

(a) Motor control

(b) Valve control

(c) Analog monitoring

 (d) Discrete alarms

(e) PID control loops (feed forward, cascade, etc.)

(f) Alarm sequence

4) Our process-control programming expertise has been applied across many industries for many different process applications, including:
(a) Standards development 

(b)  Sequences 

(c) Lead/lag logic 

(d)  Mass balance logic

(e)  Load-sharing logic 

(f)  Checked I/O logic 

(g)  Alarm handling 

(h)  SCADA systems

(i)  Languages–Ladder Logic, Sequential Function Chart, Structured Text, Function Block Diagram.
(j) Safety Instrumented System (SIS) with Safety Instrument Function (SIF).
(k)  Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems.

HMI Configuration

The HMI is typically a graphical interface that displays the current status of a process, such as motor status, valve status, temperatures, pressures and other system variables. The role of the Human-Machine Interface is to provide operators, maintenance personnel and management with the tools necessary to access, control and view the parameters of a process. The Human-Machine Interface may range in scope from a single standalone operator panel, to multi-plant, client server installations with multiple redundant servers and distributed view nodes on the plant floor.

KGN’s experience with Human-Machine Interface installations includes:
• Client/server set-up
• Software installation and configuration
• Network configuration
• Redundant servers configuration
• Standards and templates development
• Access and security levels definition
• Workstation lockdown policies

Projects at KGN are successfully designed, built, tested and commissioned by following a rigorous project methodology; for HMI development, key aspects of our methodology include:
• Documented sequence of operations
• Operations requirement identification
• Access and security levels definition
• PID control loops
• Alarm monitoring


The communication technology offered by KGN represents the most up-to-date network infrastructure available on the market. Generally based upon Ethernet standards, it offers both high levels of inter-operability between equipment within a system, and the possibility to remotely access the machine or system to carry out remote supervision and maintenance work.
To facilitate communication between systems, our solutions are based upon standard communication protocols with proven reliability, such as MODBUS TCP/IP over Ethernet, OPC UA, PROFINET, ControlNet, etc.
All of our systems are developed in accordance with international standards, carefully following the constructor’s guidelines and the needs of the client, and personalizing functional details while complying with the need to integrate low level control systems with DCS, MES and ERP distributed control systems.

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